Featured In  People Magazine

Featured In People Magazine

“Brandon and Kristin Kidd helped make our wedding dreams come true.  We came across their work online and were immediately struck by their talent but once we sat down with them and got to know them, we knew that they were the people we wanted to capture and be a part of our special day. Everything we worked on with Brandon and Kristin leading up to the wedding was so seamless. They communicate in a way that makes you feel so loved, understood and comfortable, while being so professional and knowledgeable.  Soon into working with them, we felt like they were friends that had been in our lives for years. On the day of the wedding, Brandon and Kristin kept things on schedule, had a perfect balance of being present while giving us space and most importantly, had the biggest smiles all day, truly adding so much warmth and love to our wedding day. The photographs that Brandon and Kristin captured far exceeded our expectations. They got every special moment, without us even realizing they were around! The photographs are gorgeous and intimate and when we look at them we truly feel transported back to that day.

We loved our experience and the photographs so much that we have had Brandon and Kristin photograph a lot of major work and life events since the wedding and will continue to do so throughout the rest of our lives. We have had such an amazing time getting to know them as friends outside of work. They are the real deal. There is not a single thing I would change from our experience working with them. I cannot sing their praises enough! Don't miss out on their incredible work and the chance to get to know such a special, beautiful couple!” – Lauren and Aaron Paul

“We are so grateful to have had Brandon Kidd and his wife, Kristin, as our wedding photographers, capturing all of those special moments with such grace and beauty. A good photographer is extremely important for wedding photos and the level of kindness, professionalism, comfort and attentiveness they showed was beyond our wildest hopes and made our wedding day so relaxed and easy. From getting ready in the morning to the dance party at the reception, not a moment was missed and I can't share enough how incredibly awesome it was to work with a couple that is so easy going with such great direction and poise. You will not be disappointed by Brandon Kidd photography!” – Desiree Hartsock and Chris Siegfried

Featured as cover of  US Weekly Magazine

Featured as cover of US Weekly Magazine

“Brandon and Kristin not only make the best team and are able to beautifully capture every detail and each moment throughout the day, but they were the biggest blessing to actually have apart of the day. Brandon and Kristin are genuine, graceful, relaxed yet directive, efficient while still being fun and positive, artistic, creative and gifted. They added a sense of peace and calm throughout the entire process and especially on the day of our wedding. Brandon and Kristin gave my husband and I a gift that we will treasure for years to come.” – Matt and Natalie

“I remember our wedding day in flashes of light, warm smiles and tears, cool raindrops dappling our friends and family who all made the trek to New Zealand to celebrate with us. Brandon and Kristin were among them, instantly joyful and comforting, expertly leading us through various settings that turned into the most beautiful images we could have hoped for. We cherish them regularly and are immensely grateful to have such a perfect record of that day. We are even more grateful, though, to have shared our most special moments with a couple that understands the true beauty of marriage and who capture and exemplify it better than anyone else we know!” – Sean and Jenny

Featured on  100 Layer Cake  and  The Venue Report

Featured on 100 Layer Cake and The Venue Report

Featured in  Pacific Weddings Magazine

Featured in Pacific Weddings Magazine

“I am in tears and in awe of your talent. Thank you just doesn’t seem to suffice. I will treasure these photos for the rest of my life. The day was so magical and I feel like I’m going to re-live it over and over when I look at these photos.” – Max and Katie

"Not only are Brandon and Kristin exceptionally talented, they're also joyful, kindhearted people. When Kevin and I first looked into photographers, we looked at portfolio after portfolio. There are many amazing photographers in Southern California but sometimes it's that extra quality that helps surpass the rest. That quality is genuineness and the Kidd's have it.  When our planner recommended Brandon and Kristin, we instantly loved their romantic and detailed photos. But when we actually met with Brandon for the first time, we knew there was an instant connection - a comfortable and effortless connection! That bond helped us tremendously. It helped us feel relaxed and confident which resulted in those "wow, is that really me?" photos!

Now I say, behind every successful man is a beautiful and strong woman and I know Brandon agrees with me! The love Brandon has for Kristin is adorable and well-deserved.  Kristin is the light of their relationship who literally and figuratively guides Brandon to get the best shot! The two of them work wonders together.I can't say enough thank you's to them for being a part of our special day. People say that your wedding day is one of the quickest days of your life and I think they're right!  However, with Brandon and Kristin by our side, we now get to relive that special moment every time we look through our album. And for that, we're forever grateful." – Kevin and Sarah